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December 30, 2013


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December 30, 2013



Author Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore’s premiere novel flips the definition of a hustler 



(Atlanta, GA) New author and publisher Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore redefines the American hustle in her first novel “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy,” which recounts the alluring world of hustlers. Whitmore tells the story of the American dream of success along with the dedication and sacrifice it takes to obtain it. Her novel transforms the negative term of hustler into a motivational tool as anyone who is passionately working towards a goal and refuses to fail. In conjunction with the highly anticipated release of “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” Whitmore launched “Hustler Monday” to motivate fellow entrepreneurs and hustlers on their pathway of the American hustle.

Every Monday in the month of December emerging entrepreneurs, college students, 9-5ers and others on their hustle have joined Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore for her weekly inspiration and rules to the game of hustling. Using the hashtag #HustlerMonday, women and men have shared their personal motivation and stories of the American hustle with the young author via social media to continue to breakdown the negative stereotype. “All of the stories, quotes and photos people have shared with me on Hustler Monday has inspired me to hustle harder as a writer, publisher and voice of the new generation of hustlers,” says Whitmore.

Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore’s premiere novel “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” has received rave reviews from countless women who relate to the author’s compelling characters and her riveting theme of the American hustle. Although “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” is a provocative tale of three women who are in love with hustlers and considered hustler themselves, it serves as a guide and motivational tool for the American Hustle. The novel has also been critically acclaimed by journalists as the must read novel for young women. Everything Girls Love Magazine, Hustlapreneur Editor calls the novel “juicy and exciting.”    

Fans of “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” can looked forward to a college tour featuring Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore in the spring of 2014. Whitmore encourages entrepreneurs and all hustlers to continue to share their #Hustler Monday motivation with her each and every Monday via social media.

“Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” is available for purchase via

Watch the “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” commercial here.

To learn more about Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore follow her on Instagram and Twitter @ElizaWhit1 or “Like” 

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Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore currently resides in Atlanta, GA with a BA in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Whitmore is a gifted writer and founder of publishing company Wright Whitmore Faith, LLC. After studying abroad in Paris, France God tested her endurance, which resulted in her coming out stronger than ever and determined to make a name for herself. The young author is also set to launch a course entitled Building a Business Around Your Destiny in January 2014.

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