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December 2, 2013


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December 2, 2013 


Author/Publisher Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore redefines the definition of a hustler with a provocative debut novel


(Atlanta, GA) Acclaimed writer Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore will release her first novel “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” on Monday December 2, 2013. Whitmore has re-named Cyber Monday, the term created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online, as “Hustler Monday” to honor the hard work, dedication and struggle many endure to accomplish their dreams. In her novel, Whitmore focuses on the pop culture term “hustler” which is often glorified from a negative perspective and redefines hustle as; anyone who is passionately working towards a goal and refuses to fail. Whitmore also tackles the stereotypes of good girls fascination with bad boys or hustlers. “Our culture portrays women being drawn to hustlers’ bad boy image but Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy shows how women are attracted to their ambition and business savvy,” says Whitmore. “My creative curiosity was intrigued by their positive traits of self-motivation and innate roles as providers and protectors in lieu of violence, crime and drugs.”

“Dear God I Love a Hustler, Please Have Mercy” is set in Atlanta, GA, known as the birthplace for successful rappers, entertainment executives and emerging entrepreneurs, other forms of Whitmore’s definition of hustler. Whitmore’s witty underlying themes of race, religion and power shed light on the universal issues of the new generation. This cautionary love story includes 21 rules to dating a hustler and can double as a handbook for women in love with one or considering being in a relationship with a hustler. Whitmore says that in addition to relationships, today’s young women are hustlers themselves. “Most of the women I have been friends with are attracted to hustlers, because they have the same internal qualities.

The highly anticipated debut of “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” on Cyber Monday aka Hustler Monday is working to redefine pop culture with positive perspectives on young people and relationships. Whitmore is encouraging all hustlers to share their #HustlerMonday motivation to continue to change the negative predetermined definition of a hustler.

“Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” is available for purchase now via

Watch the “Dear God I Love A Hustler, Please Have Mercy” commercial here.

To learn more about Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore follow her on Instagram and Twitter @ElizaWhit1 or “Like”

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Elizabeth A.P. Whitmore currently resides in Atlanta, GA with a BA in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Whitmore is a gifted writer and founder of publishing company Wright Whitmore Faith, LLC. After studying abroad in Paris, France God tested her endurance, which resulted in her coming out stronger than ever and determined to make a name for herself. The young author is also set to launch a course entitled Building a Business Around Your Destiny in January 2014.

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