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Mindless Behavior gives rolling out a taste of Mindless Mania

March 7, 2013



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March 7, 2013

Mindless Behavior gives rolling out a taste of Mindless Mania

The Popular Boy Band discuss their upcoming sophomore album, lessons from the past and girls for the future

With one chart-topping album under their belt and legions of adoring fans, the future seems bright for teen heartthrobs, Mindless Behavior. Their debut album, “#1 Girl,” topped Billboard 200, selling 36,000 copies in its first week. Today, with a sophomore album scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, band mates Roc Royal, Prodigy, Princeton and Ray Ray talk candidly with rolling out editor Amir Shaw on why the second time around will be a worthwhile journey, rehashing memorable moments from their last tour, and giving advice on how to meet girls.

From experiencing puberty to travelling the world, the popular boy band’s new album will continue to build on what they established with their hit debut. Ray Ray states, “We have matured a lot. That’s the biggest difference between the first and second album. We have more concepts to talk about. We’re more relatable to everyone.” Princeton continues, “For the first album, it was about finding the number one girl. But with the second album, we wanted to go global. We traveled overseas and gained a bigger fan base. We began to experiment with new sounds that were worldlier.”

With maturity comes experience and for Mindless Behavior dating is a subject the group is well versed on. When they sit down with Shaw, each band mate gives dating advice to high school males looking to get girls’ attention and provides female fans tips on the best way to get their attention.

Visit to read the interview in its entirety. Be sure to check out the exclusive photo shoot and video footage with celebrity photographer DeWayne Rogers.

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