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Former Playboy Playmate Breann McGregor teases pop fans to ‘Roll the Dice’

February 27, 2013




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February 27, 2013

Former Playboy Playmate Breann McGregor teases pop fans to ‘Roll the Dice’

(Los Angeles, CA) -Former model turned pop singer Breann McGregor, will release her second single “Roll the Dice” Tuesday, February 26, 2013 on iTunes. The blonde beauty says the single allowed her a chance to flaunt a playful naughty side that is much different than her every day persona.  “Roll the Dice in my opinion has a bit of an S&M feel.  The song allowed me to release the inner bad girl in me.  I think it’s important to embrace all the sides of ourselves.  It’s very important to feel free,” Breann says.

The techno pop track is a seductive fantasy set to music, with Breann’s silky vocals offering suggestive yet ambiguous lyrics.  Breann had the opportunity to co-write and produce the song with Richard Benyon, and Aaron Sheir.  “Writing “Roll the Dice” was a different experience for me.  I got a chance to tap into my sexual side, while I am usually very conservative and even shy sometimes.  The song is completely opposite of what I am like, and it was fun to be able to let loose and play up another side of myself,” Breann reveals.

“Roll the Dice” will undoubtedly come as a welcomed surprise to McGregor’s thousands of fans that have followed her singing career as a result of her days as one of Playboy’s favorite playmates. While with Playboy, Breann broke a record, winning dual titles after being voted both Cyber Girl of the Year and Playboy Special Edition model of the Year. Today, Breann says she has found her true calling in the vocal booth and is hard at work with choreographers and her team preparing to go on tour May 2013. “Music is my passion and I’m excited to be able to start sharing my music with my fans. Being able to express myself through writing and singing is truly empowering.  Also, knowing that my lyrics can reach out and affect so many lives is so important to me,” she says.

“Roll the Dice” is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon.  Breann is looking forward to beginning tour dates during summer 2013 and hopes to release her first album later in the year.


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