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Body Talk With Dr. Tosha

June 27, 2012

Dr. Tosha Rogers Launches BODY TALK Health Campaign

OB/GYN creates feminine health campaign targeted at African-American and Latino Women

ATLANTA-For years we’ve been told early detection is the biggest defender against most physical ailments. Unfortunately for many women visiting the OB/GYN evokes an uncomfortable conversation that many choose to avoid.  Atlanta-based OB/GYN Tosha Rogers wants to change the way women interact with their gynecologist.  “Every woman should feel completely comfortable talking with her OB/GYN about anything going on with her body. If you aren’t comfortable, then you need a new doctor. A conversation can mean the difference between life and death, fertility and infertility,” Dr. Tosha says.   As a result Dr. Tosha is launching a campaign geared towards African American and Latino women; groups that statistically have the highest rates of feminine health complications. The BODY TALK campaign mission is to invoke dialogue amongst young African-American and Latino women in order to promote education regarding sexual health, early detection for various illnesses, and encourage women to visit their OB/GYN on a regular basis.

In partnership with V-103, the BODY TALK campaign will help negate the embarrassment and shame young minority women face when discussing their bodies. African-American and Latino women have the highest rates of HIV and STDs because of this stigma, fear, and discrimination.

“I want to help minority women understand their bodies in order to be their best and most healthy” says Dr. Tosha. “I hope they can come to me as more of a girlfriend than a doctor and feel comfortable talking about their bodies.”

Dr. Tosha’s goal is to have young women talking about their bodies. We can save lives and prevent unwanted complications later on by removing the negative connotations surrounding female health issues in the minority community. Dr. Tosha is set to host a Body Talk town hall meeting with hundreds of young women to openly discuss the importance of being in tune with your bond and minor warning signs of a bigger health issue. She will also be a part of a panel and guest at several other minority health events in Atlanta.

For more information on Dr. Tosha, the BODY TALK campaign, and to get involved visit or follow her on twitter @askdrtosha

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