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Total Fitness Revolution launches campaign supporting Ovarian Cancer Research

June 6, 2012

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(Atlanta, GA) Total Fitness Revolution program director Lauren Whitmore was first introduced to ovarian cancer three years ago when her mother was diagnosed with the disease.  “That was by far one of the worst days of my life. I immediately started googling to learn more about the disease, and when I saw how dismal the outcome I remember feeling like I was in extreme and irresolvable pain,” Lauren recalls. After her mother passed Lauren embraced her own health and fitness goals and turned her dedication and commitment to health into a career. As program director for Atlanta’s newest fitness phenomenon Total Fitness Revolution, Lauren realized she has a captive audience of females. She seeks to honor her mother’s legacy by educating her Total Fitness Revolution community about ovarian cancer. As a result Total Fitness Revolution will launch a three month campaign starting June 1st, donating 20% of all new memberships to Ovarian Cycle Inc., an organization dedicated to finding an early detection test. The campaign will culminate with a donation to the Atlanta chapter of Ovarian Cycle Inc. in September 2012.

In addition to her position with Total Fitness Revolution, Lauren is an executive board member for Ovarian Cycle Inc.  Last month Total Fitness Revolution hosted the annual Ovarian Cycle event and had a great turnout. “Ovarian Cycle does a unique job of raising awareness on a disease that is not often discussed. The money goes to an early detection test and the research takes place right here in Georgia. If we had an early detection test then people like my mother and so many others would not have to find out in such a late stage,” Lauren says. She hopes to help Ovarian Cycle Inc. and its research efforts by contributing with the new campaign.

“Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer among women,” Lauren explains. “I’ve learned that Ovarian Cancer does not have to be silent, we as women need to know and understand our bodies and the physiological changes that we go through. I hope that women are empowered to take charge of their physical health, stay active and have a solid partnership with their physician,” Lauren says. Total Fitness Revolution will kick off a three-month campaign promoting Ovarian Cancer education and research. Monthly raffles will be held on all captured memberships, gifting winning new members with merchandise from their Reebok Classic line. Total Fitness Revolution is located at 1400 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE, Mableton, GA. Total Fitness Revolution will donate 20% of new memberships over the summer to ovarian cancer research.

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