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Fame is a Drug….I’m Your Pusher

April 11, 2012

Red carpets, camera lights flashing, bottles popping, VIP sections behind exclusive velvet ropes….it’s like floating on a drug-induced high.  Exotic women, high rollers packaged with the default swagger that accompanies a slick black credit card, perfectly manufactured smiles, indulgent cuisine, secret parties complete with designer barely there dresses, and tomato-red soles everywhere…..and liquor flows like water in the middle the Atlantic Ocean…it’s like taking a delicious hit of the purest heroine and exhaling slowly…it’s access to the promise land, and I can be your guide.

I am a publicist, an entertainment publicist to be exact. Give me your story, your music, your product and I can flip it into that coveted commodity, so valuable no price tag is too high. This shit right here, it’s the real deal…ATTENTION. That’s right. I can make the people love you.  And when the people love you; really love you; it’s the most intense high your brain could ever possibly wrap itself around.  It’s how you’ve seen yourself in your dreams, hob-knobbing with the elite, admired by the common and envied by the less fortunate.  Whatever you experienced as a child or even a young adult, whatever hurdles you jumped, scandal you’ve overcome, hearts you broke, lies you told, none of that matters if you allow me to spin your story and lead you down this red carpet, because at the end lies validation for every single  insecure  thought that’s ever passed through your psyche. I can help you erase all of that, if only for the moment.  Your destiny is in your hands; just know that FAME can be elusive if you don’t follow her rules.

No one starts at story at the end so we know her end will justify her means, so don’t worry about the expiration before you’ve gotten started. Who wouldn’t take a chance to be adored and worshipped by the masses?  To know every man lusting over your image in the latest magazine is secretly or not-so-secretly wishing your legs were wrapped around his waist?  To know every woman you encounter is yours for the taking, all without you even opening your mouth?  Waiters in restaurants, cashiers behind registers, even the doctor at the local clinic are all vying to take a picture, be in your space, get near  that high you’re on and perhaps take a piece of it with them, just for the moment. Don’t fight it, give in to its seduction.  It’s a heady existence, complete with a ticking clock so faint its barely audible.  For some the sand never runs out, that could be you!

Once you put me on retainer, we can map out your next fix. Undoubtedly you’ll want a more potent hit after those first few pulls.  It starts with a local showcase, then graduates to performing for a packed club. What could be better than seeing strangers sing along with the words of a song you wrote, except being featured at MTV’s spring break excursion or perhaps walking the red carpet at the hip hop awards, to winning a Grammy, an Emmy?  I can take you from the Magic City, to Vanquish, to the Palms in Vegas to exclusive parties for fashion week in Paris, each high comes with more sacrifice, more money, more exposure, more consequence, until it’s all a blur. We start at gold, then push for platinum then diamond…then start back at one.

I can’t see a drawback to this drug I sell called FAME.  I dare you to find something that makes you feel better, that’s desired by more people than what I’m offering.  Sure the ride down is rocky, but that’s a risk you take with any dream, right?  Yes its rigid and demanding but the payoff is like no other.  The boundaries are strict, but again its well worth it and we all know the risks going in. This is a young man’s drug, not for the aged or experienced.  For men the expiration date isn’t as strict but women know the window is short. Apply Kanye’s workout plan to botox, restylane and endermologie, along with my fee of course and you can enjoy FAME well up through your forties. It doesn’t have to end, until its over. I’ll stay by your side until we’ve exhausted every possible angle, strategy, stunt….by any means necessary.

But for now, just enjoy the moment. Take a hit, the people love you.  It’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!  The stage is yours. You were born for this moment.  Live in this moment and just don’t look down. But if you do and it seems your high is ending, I’m your publicist. I’m your pusher. I’ll figure out a way to get you back up again.




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  1. thebuddingpublicist permalink
    April 11, 2012 9:59 AM

    You rock girl!!

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