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BoxTops, Top Models and Sheroes

March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15th was a huge day for Enchanted PR. My day began with a 7:30 call time for Chilli in-studio with Atlanta’s Fox affiliate. Chilli was set to do a morning interview with media maven Susan Taylor for the General Mills Boxtops event taking place later that evening at Morehouse College.

When we arrived, the General Mills Marketing Mgr, along with reps from their ad agency were waiting for us in the green room along with former Essence editor-in-chief Ms. Susan Taylor. This wasn’t my first time meeting Ms. Taylor, although of course she wouldn’t remember me. Years ago while teaching a charm & etiquette class back in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to take my 15 middle school aged students to hear her speak.  Growing up I was always fascinated with words, images and advocates supporting positivity for African American women. Essence was a beacon of light for me. As a college student, I would read Ms. Taylor’s editorial commentary and feel inspired, uplifted and committed to promoting a sense of sisterhood. She was and always will be one of my Sheroes and I felt blessed to be in her presence for the second time.

Conversation in the green room was of course enlightening. While we discussed relationships and family Ms. Taylor chimed in bringing her wisdom to a discussion with much younger women. A comment was made suggesting black men are often intimidated by successful black, independent women. “Black men aren’t intimidated by success or independence, but rather by the harshness that often accompanies it, she added. I thought about her comment and realized that I agreed although I never could verbalize it that way. The conversation continued until it was time for the segment and then we were off.

On downtime I touched base with my associate Shantez ensuring the media release on Crystal Nicole was serviced on the appropriate wires. A Grammy winning singer/songwriter, Crystal Nicole managed to snag yet another celebrated international placement. A record she’d written with super producer David Guetta that was performed by Jennifer Hudson was nabbed as the theme song for Heidi Klum’s spinoff Germany’s Next Top Model. (I wonder if Tyra Banks is executive producer?)
Once I was assured the release was serviced, I was off to meet Chilli to head over to the event. I was quite impressed with General Mills dedication to education and the money invested in the event. Hosted by Morehouse College, which provided the perfect historically academic backdrop, Steve Harvey and Susan Taylor moderated an informative educational panel consisting of educator Dr. Fletcher, Spelman college president Dr. Tatum, R & B songstress Monica, actress Tisha Marting Campbell and of course our Chilli. Between Steve’s comedic yet organic wit, Susan’s positive affirmations of culture Chilli, Tisha and Monica’s evident pride in motherhood it was a great discussion.

The event was a success with over 1500 parents in attendance. For me it was a rewarding feeling being able to contribute to a cause that directly impacts our community. After going over BoxTops talking points with Chilli for the last week and a half, I doubt I will ever forget to look at a box of cereal, etc for that little yet oh so important coupon.

After the last group picture we headed back to the car. Chilli was pleased, Crystal Nicole co-signed her release via twitter and I could exhale….until the next am.



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