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Real Rhythm and Blues Makes a Comeback With New Hearthrob KEITH DAVIS

August 31, 2010

(Atlanta, GA) – Music experts have long lamented the absence of rhythm and blues in contemporary music. Modern day artists have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon chasing the dollars the pop audience offers and abandoning the soulful music that once defined African American culture until the genre has all but disappeared. 2010 has shown some progress of the genre returning with new artist Keith Davis.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Keith Davis is no stranger to the perils of life. As a young child a family tragedy forced Davis to turn inward for strength. He believes music became a way for him to express himself and exorcise his own pain and turmoil. Instead of shunning his roots, Davis believes in embracing everything about R&B that makes it classic and continues to resonate with true music lovers. “That music that really touches you always comes from a real place,” Davis says. He recounts going through a personal transformation in 2009 that lead to music becoming his first priority. “I felt like all of life’s tests that I had gone through and overcome personally, I needed to celebrate and share with others,” Davis says. His experiences culminated in him penning song after song, each one a personal story and triumph for Davis to share with fans. Although he had a loyal fan base, Davis’ name began to spread and the feedback was overwhelming. Soon he had completed an album and was choosing his first single that would serve as his introduction to a national audience.

Today Davis is excited about his hot new single, “What You Wanna Do” and his upcoming album. The single is available on iTunes and has been getting great reviews in the south. “What you wanna do” is an authentic R&B track and Davis’ soulful vocals are the perfect compliment. The subject nature is even reminiscent of real R&B, as Davis urges his “lady” to tell him her idea of a perfect evening. Davis’ single will impact radio fall 2010 and his album is slated to drop later in the year.

For more information or to learn more about Keith Davis visit For booking or promotional opportunities contact: Jayar Browne at 678-549-8286 or

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